Review: Succubus Blues, by Richelle Mead

Succubus Tuesdays – as promised, I will be posting a review of one book from
Richelle Mead’s Succubus series every Tuesday until the release of the final book in the series on August 30th.

  • Title: Succubus Blues
  • Author: Richelle Mead
  • Series: Georgina Kincaid/Succubus Series #1
  • Genre: Adult, Urban Fantasy
  • Category: Demons, Angels
  • Website:

Summary: Georgina Kincaid is a servant of the underworld, tasked with stealing the souls of men through sexual encounters. Her succubus responsibilities are not only for the benefit of hell, her actions are also necessary for her own strength. She weakens without the draining of another’s soul. Her prey are typically the bottom feeders of society – men who cheat on their wives & girlfriends, abusive men, or dangerous men. She doesn’t kill them, but she does take years off of their lives. Unfortunately, their already damaged souls don’t give her enduring strength, but she still prefers them to stealing the souls of innocents.

To help her pull off her hunting expeditions, Georgina is aided by her ability to shape shift her appearance into anything she thinks her targets will be attracted to. This also allows her to maintain her anonymity and live a somewhat normal life. She never hunts in the same appearance she uses daily to maintain her job in a local bookstore and an apartment in the city.

Despite her responsibilities, we learn that Georgina has a conscience and the ability to care for people. Her closest friends are vampires, an incubus, a demon boss, and an angel named Carter who spends a lot of time with hell’s servants. This group looks out for each other, protects one another, and manages the evil entities in their territory. This becomes important when a new source of evil enters Seattle and jeopardizes their control and their lives.

Through her job at the bookstore, Georgina meets her favorite author Seth Mortensen and promptly finds herself infatuated with him. But how can she have a relationship with him when she will obviously be endangering his life? And considering that she is immortal, how can she possibly let herself fall for someone who will only be a temporary part of her world?

Review: I really liked this book because it was different from anything else I’ve read. Georgina is essentially a demon who struggles with tough decisions about right and wrong. She does what she has to do to survive, but the acts are just as much a punishment for her as for her victims. In fact, sometimes we are left to wonder who the real victim is in the scenario. On the inside, Georgina is also a normal person in the sense that she craves an emotional connection, friendships, and a feeling of security. She is a complex balance of both good choices and evil.

It did seem to me that after living for hundreds of years, Georgina would have learned more wisdom than her character shows at times. She isn’t particularly clever for someone with so much life experience. There are things in the story that you will pick up on as a reader and wonder why Georgina hasn’t yet. It doesn’t happen so often that I was frustrated, but it might make you want to yell at her a time or two.

If you are already a fan of Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy series, then the writing style in this book will be very familiar to you. Having read all of her series, I can say that her storytelling is very consistent. The difference is that this is definitely an adult series with adult topics and graphic adult scenes, where Vampire Academy is YA and more appropriate for a general audience.

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