For Authors


PedanticPhooka is accepting review copies of novels.  I am also participating in blog tours and author interviews.  Please contact me at with your request.   Note:  At the moment, I have a large backlog of review requests.  While I will still consider your request, I cannot currently guarantee review deadlines. 

Please note that if you provide me with a review copy, and my rating is less than 3 cups (see rating system page), I will give you the option not to post your review on this blog.  Anything 3 Cups or higher will be posted with or without your consent.  If I am investing my time to read a book at the request of an author, it will be with the intent to write a complete review. Therefore, I reserve the right to post my review of the book on GoodReads and/or Amazon even if you choose not to have me post it here. 

Your review will state clearly that “this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest and fair review.”

I am absolutely committed to being totally honest and fair in all of my opinions shared on this blog.  I sincerely appreciate your interest in having me review your work.


  • Bound Books
  • ARCs/Galleys
  • eBooks (PDF, HTML, PRC, MOBI)
  • Audio Books


  • Celtic Romance/Fantasy
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Dark Fantasy
  • Fantasy
  • Erotica (only if it falls into one of the above categories)

I may occasionally accept Science Fiction and YA Paranormal, but these are not typically my preferred genres and you should be aware that this could affect your rating.

I do enjoy Historical Romance and read it frequently, however it is not appropriate material for this site (unless it includes some form of time-travel or Scottish Highlander/Druid storyline.)  If you would like me to write a review in this genre, it would be for GoodReads and Amazon only, and would unfortunately need to be at the bottom of my priority list.

I am not interested in receiving  Horror, Contemporary Romance, or Non-Fiction books for review.  Please do not ask me to read a later book in a series unless you intend to provide the earlier books as well.  It will not bode well for your rating if I start in the middle of a series. 


All of the reviews that I post on PedanticPhooka will be posted on GoodReads, Amazon, Twitter and Facebook.

My blog reviews will include the following information:  Book Cover, Author Website, Series Information if Applicable, the Summary and Review, and my Rating.  Other information can be added at your request. 

Although I can not give an exact time frame for when you can expect to see your review posted, I will do my best to have books completed and reviewed within one month.  If you have a specific deadline that coincides with a publication date, please email me with that information so we can decide together if the deadline is workable.